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What is better choice Legacy or Currency?

Creating a legacy or simply amassing mountains of currency? Ah, the age-old existential dilemma that tantalizes the human mind. While currency can certainly pave a path to temporary pleasures and material possessions, it ultimately fades away like a mere illusion in the grand tapestry of time. Conversely, shaping a legacy allows one to transcend their mortal limitations and imprint an everlasting mark on the world. It’s like choosing between instant gratification or leaving an indelible impact that reverberates throughout history. So, dear reader, must we succumb to the fleeting allure of financial gain or embark on the audacious journey of crafting our own legacy? Remember, currency is perishable, but legacies are eternal. As Robert Louis Stevenson wisely opined: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Now go forth and sow your seeds of legacy my witty companions!


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