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Doctor life

Are you living a life or running a rat race?

Oh, how joyous it must be to live the illustrious life of a doctor! Waking up before the birds even dare to chirp, rushing from one emergency to another as though in a perpetual sprint, all while maintaining a perfect facade of calm and collectedness. The delightful chaos continues throughout the day, with patients demanding attention and colleagues showing off their medical prowess at every available opportunity. And let’s not forget the never-ending paperwork that seems to multiply like rabbits in a magician’s hat. How extravagant it is indeed to spend years studying, only to join the esteemed rat race of doctors, scurrying about with no time for rest or respite. But alas, don’t fret – for who needs balance and sanity when you have the honor of being trapped in this exhilarating whirlwind called “doctor life”?


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