You are currently viewing 5 intelligent tips Power of Digital Marketing for Hospitals that changed outcomes
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5 intelligent tips Power of Digital Marketing for Hospitals that changed outcomes

Power of Digital Marketing, 5 intelligent tips Power of Digital Marketing for Hospitals that changed outcomes
5 intelligent tips Power of Digital Marketing for Hospitals that changed outcomes

Do Hospitals need Digital Transformation?

Why not? In fact not only Hospitals but every small clinic, small business needs power of digital marketing for enhancement.

Here’s a complete guide on digital transformation for More Patients and Improving Outcomes in hospitals in 2023.

Today is not only the era of Digital Transformations for Hospitals but also Digital Transformation in every small-scale business to large-scale business.

Hospitals need this more than ever yet they ignore it – digital transformation! The digital era is here and we’ve moved towards artificial intelligence and automation. However, a lot of healthcare businesses, doctors, hospitals still struggle to work with this digital transformation. If you see the same happening in your company, it’s time for a digital transformation guide!

In this blog, we discuss digital transformation steps, why hospitals need them, how to choose the right digital transformation, and much more in detail.

What is digital marketing? (Digital Marketing for Hospitals)

In Layman’s terms, Digital Marketing for hospitals is nothing but the promotion of “what you do” over an online platform.

The promotion could be of anything, like, healthy lifestyle practices, practices that you provide for the healthcare sector etcetera, etcetera basically anything you are good at or you provide service for you promote/advertise (“flaunt your work”) so you can get more number of audiences to appreciate your work and later on that audiences turn to your customers.

What is power of digital transformation?

By definition, a digital transformation facilitates hospitals with the shift from traditional working methods to digital ones. We are in 2023 where your business is either selling online, marketing online, or doing both. Hence, power of digital transformation is the need of the moment. 

Whether you are a large company or a small company with less than 100 employees, ensuring that all of them are updated with the latest technologies is the prime responsibility of your learning and growth.

Yes, a digital transformation might seem like an expense but the reasons given below will open your eyes as to what benefits a digital transformation can bring to your hospitals.

Why the need for digital transformation for hospitals?

Whether it’s a traditional business or an uncommon one, digital transformations are beneficial for all. Let’s look at the impact of digital transformation on hospitals.

  1. Faster Operations
  2. Increases Productivity
  3. Higher Revenue
  4. Low Attrition Rate
  5. Patients Engagement
  6. Prepared for unsuitable situations

Faster Operations-

Whether it be hospitals, marketing, sales, or accounts, digital transformation will introduce various technologies that will fasten the operation process. Which helps the flow of leads from the marketing division to the sales division. This kind of automation increases leads generation and higher customer engagement rates. 

Increase Productivity-

When your patients see you making an effort to help them upskill and make their life more interesting and easy, their level of trust and motivation towards your practices increases by multiple times. 

Which leads to higher productivity and decreased castigation about the company.

Higher Revenue-

Increased productivity and faster operations will lead to an increased total annual revenue. Digital technologies are being accepted and widely used throughout the healthcare sector because of the automation that it brings with them. 

Lower Attrition rate-

A digital transformation for hospitals will definitely lead to a lower attrition rate. Post the pandemic, the attrition rate in the healthcare sector was high. If doctors find workplaces that are digitally transformed and more employee-focused, the attrition rate in your company will shoot up in no time.

Hence, investing in all practices of digital transformation will help you in maintaining a low attrition rate.

Patients Engagement-

Online consultation is very orderly for people who live in distant places and don’t have access to appropriate medical facilities. It has become convenient for the elderly, handicapped, and people who have busy schedules. We can book convenient time slots. Before settling, you can read about the doctor, his experience, the field in which he or she has specialized etcetera. We can connect with doctors via voice calls or video calls.

Prepared for unsuitable situations-

Last but the most important, digital transformation will help your hospitals be ready to operate in the most unforeseen circumstances. When the pandemic hit us, we weren’t prepared for anything. Hospitals, the healthcare sector had to face a lack of communication, accountability, and many more problems. A digital transformation will help your hospitals operate in any kind of uncertainty by staying connected.

Now that we have understood why digital transformation for hospitals is the need of the moment,  let’s understand how to choose the right digital transformation agency for hospitals.

How to choose the right digital transformation agency for hospitals?

Define the agency you need to achieve your goals
Define the agency you need to achieve your goals

Before choosing any digital healthcare agency you must know the answers to the following questions with respect to power of digital marketing.

1. Define the agency you need to achieve your goals

Before looking for a digital marketing agency for healthcare, look inside your hospital. Checking the marketing objectives for the year. Observe what needs to be done to achieve those goals. With this, you will know what your marketing needs are, that is the gaps that a digital marketing agency can fill. If your team does not have much experience with any specific tool, a digital marketing agency can be useful to bring the desired results. Define the magnitude of your needs and expectations, for example, the services that the agency must offer, the size of the agencies, and their specialities.
Here is an example of one such agency that provides such solutions for Digital Marketing in the Healthcare industry Nitashh Holistic Marketing.

2. Search the agency’s history and reputation

The first thing is to check the existence of these agencies. How long have they been providing their services? Companies with more time tend to be more strong and have more to analyse. The newer ones, born in this century, are updated in digital marketing. However, the lack of experience can weigh against it. Getting in touch with their clients can also help you find a better agency.

3. Personalization

Every healthcare organization and hospital wants to create an “Amazon”  level of personalized experience for patients. Providing a digital experience that is personal, relevant, and convenient to increase patient engagement, is never flexible. It requires mapping the patient’s journey.
The digital agency should be able to recommend and apply the right solution and technologies to meet its client’s goal. They should have wide experience in marketing services, from creating website content to its function. It’s not about how many views and likes you get. It’s about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time to steer the results.

4. They should have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry

Healthcare software business already knows the needs of the market and it’s completely complex. Developing and implementing an extinguished marketing strategy requires a digital marketing agency with a profound knowledge of the healthcare sector.

Having a digital agency that knows the complete digital transition taking place in the world is good.
Endorsements and case studies from the healthcare sector would be worth looking out for.

5. The agency should be a business partner, rather than just a service provider.

Healthcare is a scandalous industry for patients, and not just because of its complexity. Trust is scarce. When you’re choosing a healthcare digital marketing agency, look for an agency that can work closely with you in both a strategic way and a tactical way. Ideally, team up with an agency that is big enough to deliver in-depth industry knowledge but not so big that they can’t offer individualised service. Look for an agency that can add-on to your in-house marketing team, with a clear understanding of your products or practices.

COVID-19 has pushed the healthcare sector to its edge. Transformation is the name of the game. Digital transformation in healthcare brings patients to care, streamlines workflow and offers a better customer experience. Digital agencies in healthcare boost operational efficiency.

  • Optimized Slot Booking
  • Easy to maintain Patients Data
  • Improves Healthcare Analytics
  • Easy Billing Process

Digital Transformation Trends for Hospitals to scale up their business

Post Covid-19 panacea, the healthcare sector is undergoing a digital transformation. After dealing with these extreme circumstances and the changing market, technology is showing itself to be supreme in helping the industry not only just survive but also become even more strong with power of digital marketing. Using the latest digitization trends with smart data analysis tools helps in achieving real-time visibility and keeps up with the market demands. We are yet to witness the era of complete digital transformation in the healthcare industry. 

  1. E-medicine Digital Transformation –

E-Medicine is nothing but allowing medical practitioners to remotely inspect, diagnose, prescribe, and treat patients with the help of digital transformation and technologies. E-medicine is one of the fastest ways of growing the healthcare industry. E-medicine companies build custom software that allows hospitals to engage with their patients easily in real-time.

The software provided by the companies eases video conferences, which helps both the doctor and the patient to talk and also share graphic data, X-Rays, test reports etcetera.

 In simple words, E-medicine offers patients to remotely connect to hospitals and doctors and have access to all types of medical services which saves time and money.

  1. Distant Patient Monitoring Digital Transformation-
Digital Transformation,
Digital Transformation with Distant patient monitoring
Digital Transformation with Distant patient monitoring

Distant Patient Monitoring is a part of E-medicine which includes healthcare practices depending on devices such as blood pressure cuffs, implantables, and sensors for Digital Transformation. There are intelligent bands which help in monitoring the sugar level to track blood pressure and other vitals. These gadgets collect patients’ data through passive means. Moreover, this digital transformation solution helps hospitals reduce time and costs and deliver high-quality healthcare practices without physical intervention.

  1. Cost Effective Digital Transformation
Cost Effective Digital Transformation

It reduces medical costs for both patients and hospitals and cures chronic diseases. Adding business intelligence to hospitals can help drive financial growth and provide doctors and patients with more advanced health options. Hospitals may utilize analytics to cut expenses, identify areas for savings or investment more easily, and develop a better understanding of their finances. It could also be used to forecast patients’ behaviour patterns, suggest new treatment options for illnesses, and identify which areas of the facility require improvement or investment.
  1. Having Health Bloggers-
Getting started as a health blogger
Start as a health blogger

It’s an interesting strategy. Blogging is a great way to share your proficiency and provide knowledge of whatever you’re writing about. A blog is to feature the latest research and gives useful medical tips. It offers valuable resources to potential patients and also to those who might not have access to professional care.

  1. Patient Portals
Patient Portals

Another trend in digital transformation for hospitals is creating healthcare platforms where patients can:

  • Analyze health records
  • Check directions
  • Schedule appointments with the doctors
  • Consultation or getting additional information from their doctors
  • Receive the laboratory results
  • Share the health data with the healthcare provider

These are the few options available on healthcare platforms for patients. Also, this system enables quicker and more convenient access to electronic health records and reduces the burden on the medical staff. However, this digital transformation in hospitals is still in its early stages. According to the patient surveys, over 40% of participants say that these systems are still too confusing, and their interface features are difficult to interpret and use.


To sum up, power of digital transformation is still in the early stages of development but has already shown its perspectives and proven its efficiency. With these digital transformations in hospitals and the healthcare industry, it becomes easy to enhance the performance of healthcare units, improve the productivity of the medical staff and deliver advanced practices to the patients. The use of digital solutions and digital technologies in hospitals opens up new opportunities for enhancing this industry in the coming years and shaping a modern and more effective, and automated health service system.

For many, Nitashh Holistic Marketing delivers quality digital solutions across different healthcare sectors. Are you looking for the best team to bring your new healthcare project into reality? Follow us on LinkedIn.

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