YouTube Mastery Course: Free YouTube Course for Doctors, Health and Wellness Influencers

Step-by-Step Course From Creation to Monetization in 45 Days

Follow the below course curriculum. DO NOT skip steps.

Day 1

Understand YouTube as a platform

Day 2

Why Build Personal Brand?

Day 3

Identify your Target Audience

Day 4

Ideal Viewer Characteristics

Day 5

Define your niche / specialization topic within the medical / healthcare / wellness field.

Day 6

Develop a unique and recognizable channel name.

Day 7

Design a stunning logo

Day 8

Create a YouTube account for your medical channel.

Day 9

Set up an appealing channel banner and profile picture.

Day 10

Create a channel trailer introducing yourself and your content.

Day 11

Choose Types of Video Format (Long vs Short)

Day 12

Plan high-quality, informative medical / healthcare / wellness videos.

Day 13

Generate Endless Ideas

Day 14

Researching Topics

Day 15

Scripting Video.

Day 16

Produce high-quality, informative medical / healthcare / wellness videos.

Day 17

Shooting Tips – Camera – Mobile Phone

Day 18

Shooting Tips – Camera – Advanced Camera

Day 19

Shooting Tips – Lights

Day 20

Shooting Tips – Audio

Day 21

Create a Content Engine

Day 22

Post-production Video Editing

Day 23


Day 24

Optimize video titles for searchability.

Day 25

Optimize video descriptions for searchability.

Day 26

Optimize video tags for searchability.

Day 27

Keyword Research

Day 28

Design eye-catching thumbnails for your videos.

Day 29

Establish a consistent upload schedule for your content.

Day 30

Growing your channel WITHOUT paid ads

Day 31

Interact with your audience through comments and community posts.

Day 32

Utilize social media to promote your videos and engage with a wider audience.

Day 33

Join relevant medical communities and forums to share your content.

Day 34

Collaborate with other medical professionals for cross-promotion.

Day 35

Monitor analytics to understand audience behavior and preferences.

Day 36

Growth Hacking Secrets

Day 37

How to use YouTube as an Income Source

Day 38

Apply for the YouTube Partner Program once eligibility requirements are met.

Day 39

Familiarize yourself with YouTube’s monetization policies and guidelines.

Day 40

Enable monetization features on your YouTube channel.

Day 41

Set up and connect your AdSense account for revenue collection.

Day 42

Continue producing consistent and valuable medical content.

Day 43

Explore additional revenue streams, such as sponsored content or merchandise.

Day 44

Brand Collaboration

Day 45

Copyright Claims

Copyright Strikes

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